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Preserving Toy History.
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   Welcome to the new version of!  Currently (and temporarily) the Louis Marx Toys archive site as well as are integrated into the site.  Content is regularly being added, so check back as often as you can.  Our apologies for any dead areas, missing parts, etc. during the construction (or should we say reconstruction).  Thanks, as always for your continued support!  -Mike
Prototypes, design drawings, technical drawings and blueprints, tools, molds, memos and paperwork, mold information, specifications, company catalogs, samples, test-shots, photographs, and more...
Toy Memories is preserving Toy History.
   The Toy Memories archives contain material from Louis Marx Toys, Ideal Toys, Multiple Toymakers, Remco, Transogram, Girard Toys, CBS Toys, and many other classic toy companies.  We constantly seek out and add new material; check back frequently for updates! 
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The original Marx Toys is our primary passion, but we love all toy history as well.  Louis Marx did so much for children with his company Marx Toys, we could never honor him enough... so thanks, Mr. Marx; you sure made many of our childhoods so much better by your presence.
Long live the original Marx Toys!
   What makes us who we are today?
Many things, actually, but one of the most important things are our toys that we played with while growing up.
Nothing else can bring back such fond memories; nothing else can instantly  bring a tear or a smile to us today the way that our playthings of the past can... such is the magic of toys.
Sadly most people do not think of what went into making their favorite toys, and the people that dedicated their lives to a priceless goal; to make children happy.
   Here at Toy Memories WE care, and we're hoping to change that.  One day these men and women should get the recognition they deserve.  One day all people should be able to see the hard work, creativity, passion, and maybe just a little magic that happened behind the scenes... and helped make us who we are today.
-Mike K.
Be sure to check out the very cool book:
"Captain Action - the Original Super-Hero Action Figure"
which includes never-before-seen original historic Ideal Toys concept and design drawings of Captain Action, Action Boy, Captain Magic and the unproduced Talking Captain Action action figure, all from the ToyMemories archives!
A few good old friends...
     In the very early 1950's, a new idea was being developed by Marx Toys... a 2-dimensional playset.  It would include buildings, houses, scenery and accessories, each having small pegs underneath to be placed however one wanted on a decorated peg-board type base.  A variety of prototypes were hand-made, including a firehouse, barn, hospital, movie theater, supermarket, school, gas station, church, skyscraper (just like the Empire State building), houses, trees, and more, even a miniature Louis Marx & Company toy factory!  Carved from acetate plastic, then painted to appear similar to what the final product would appear as, each was inscribed with the date and weight for possible production.  After the beautifully designed pieces above were created, a handful of even more detailed prototypes were made, and samples of those were made apparently in a very small number.  Why the idea never took off is a mystery, as it definitely was a unique and exciting new concept in playsets.  Truly, it would have been "A whole world in a box".  These wonderfully sculpted models really need to be seen in person to be able to appreciate the fine detail and charm.
   I'd like to dedicate the relaunches of the family of websites to my good friend Tasker Brush.  He was the best thing that happened to Marx Train collecting, a great friend, and all around good guy.  His passing was all too soon, and quite unexpected.  Rest in peace, my friend...  -Mike
   Shown above- a few original hand-drawn vintage Ideal Toys Captain Action design drawings!
Shown here (above) is an original all hand-made functional Tom Corbett space rifle prototype from Louis Marx Toys.
Preserving the History of Marx Toys is the motto, goal and mission of  All aspects of the original Louis Marx & Company are covered.  M... A... R... X... spells MARX, world's largest toymaker!
Louis Marx Toys was the biggest, and best toy company in the world for many years.  Marx Toys made everything from toy guns to ride-ons, plastic figures to trains, games, ramp walkers, vehicles and more; you name it and most likely Marx Toys made it (and lots of it!).
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