is Preserving Toy History.
Preserving Toy History.


  Here you can see a small sampling of some of the behind-the-scenes print (and other) material in the ToyMemories archives.  Yes, it is true that coloring books and similar items aren't really toys, but in a way they are... and they go very well together with everything here at Toy Memories.
  Print-type material is a VERY large and varied field, and pretty difficult to cover comprehensively.  In addition, you have generic type items as well as infinite licensed properties... from items using licensed entertainment (cartoon/TV/movie, etc.) characters to even using licensed toy properties (sometimes bizarre hybrids of "toys portraying other toys"), anything and everything is possible here.
  I've tried to obtain examples that tied in with other related toys, and more importantly to me, tried to obtain examples across the board, for each different type of print item, however possible.  So, for example, some of the various types would be- coloring books, sticker books, paper dolls, paint books, puzzles, series books, Golden Books, card games, dot-to-dot books, temporary tattoos, trading cards, and so on.  In each case I tried as much as possible to lean towards licensed properties.  The reality is, money and resources aren't unlimited, so we have to do the best we can!
  In addition, here you will find other types of items that don't fit in well elsewhere on the site (yet!), such as lunchbox / lunchbag, wristwatches, lenticular, etc., even clothing type items might wind up here.  Again, everything may not be technically toys, but they are all somewhat related, somehow.
  Even an occasional advertising item may show up (I do love the Esso Tiger!) so don't be surprised if you see the 1960's hand-sample, hand-made persian Esso Tiger rug show up here too!  Just kidding... (or am I?  Haha)
An almost perfect combination... the original painted artwork, the mockup/proof, and a nice file copy for a 1970's Barbie coloring book.  It really is a striking cover.
Original Western Publishing mock-up for a 1979-1980 Hot Wheels coloring book (we also have the original finished artwork) (on the left, under the numbered sheet, are color transparencies of a nice variety of Hot Wheel cars whose pictures are used on the back cover of the final coloring book)
Original vintage (3  3/4" size era) Hasbro G.I. Joe licensing photo, from a group of licensing resource material Hasbro issued.  (promotional licensing items can be very difficult to obtain, but are definitely nice to have)
Original proofs for covers of March Of Comics promotional comic books.  Many classic licensed properties can be found in March of Comics, and as they are in a smaller odd size, the actual comic books can be difficult to find in nice condition, if at all.
Original pen and ink artwork for a Little Golden Book Land lunchbox by Aladdin, featuring classic LGB characters
Original pen and ink artwork for an Aladdin Mickey Mouse and Pluto lunchbag (original Aladdin catalog photo of it shown at lower left)
Very cute, yes they are really very small vintage Voltron working cigarette lighters... and they originally came from toy vending machines (like gumball machines)
Original pen and ink artwork for the cover of a Pink Panther coloring book published by Merrigold Press. 

Ok, you got me here... neither toys (nor toy-related) these are cartoon character related!  Original props used in the 2000 movie The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle which featured Jason Alexander and Rene Russo.  While the movie may not be an all-time classic, it was kind of cute and funny...  And I also have a liking for Rocky and Bullwinkle... (we also have a laptop prop and a few of the manual props used in the film)