is Preserving Toy History.
Preserving Toy History.

The Marx Files.

Preserving the History of the Original Marx Toys.
    "We just have to get out some really worth while speed sets. One of them ought to be a Disney Speed Set like the #7212 Rolykin, Fun On Wheels, Krazy Kar, maybe a Disney Dune Buggy- make it both ways over here... You might call it 'Disneyland Instant Speedway' or something like that. The Disneyland may mean something you know, so we might as well go all the way."
(-Louis Marx, October 1969)
"The Marx Files"; a significant and historical collection of materials from the original Louis Marx & Company (Marx Toys) archives.
     Many years of searching, detective work, travel and research has brought together what is now known as "The Marx Files". We are proud of how much we have been able to "re-unite", after so long! and destined to be the caretakers of an important part of toy history. The Marx Files materials originated primarily from Glen Dale (Engineering Dept./Model Room), as well as Erie, Girard, and the New York offices of the original Marx Toys.

     Hidden amongst thousands of documents lie many treasures of our youth; in their embryonic stages... their births... their growth... documented here. The Big Wheel, Green Machine, Fort Apache playset, Great Garloo, Best of The West action figures, Warriors of The World, the Hess Tanker and more, as well as licensed character toys we loved: The Untouchables, Get Smart, The Man From Uncle, Johnny Ringo, Batman, Mickey Mouse, The Flintstones, Tom Corbett, Flash Gordon, Bonanza, Davy Crockett, Walt Disney characters, and so much more. The fantastic world of Louis Marx is here, in many playsets, slot cars, trains, ride-ons, games, plastic figures, toy guns, friction and wind-up toys, and just about everything else that the ingenious "Marx-men" came up with.
     Treasures abound that were unrealized, many cut short before they had much of a chance at life. Thankfully, to some degree, there are remnants and glimpses of these "lost" projects here in words, pictures and ideas. There are also many secrets and eyebrow raising discoveries, some now found, and some just waiting to be uncovered...
   The "Files" consist of tens of thousands of pieces including (but certainly not limited to): original artwork, sketches, blueprints, design drawings, mold diagrams, photographs, memos (from Louis Marx, as well as Cook, Hjelte, Rice, Nisperly, Rocco, and many more of the all-important "Marx-men"), specification sheets, PL and contents books, cost sheets, assembly layouts, production line diagrams, machine manuals, employee information, catalogs, samples, parts lists, purchase orders, time studies, indexes, instruction sheets, and much more. We have an immense job in organizing the materials; thanks to many individuals with the forethought to save items no one else placed any value on, new things arrive periodically, and much is in no semblance of order. We're trying to make this an interesting and informative site as time permits. Some of the material will be published. The Marx Files is certainly a fantastic trip back in time behind the scenes where very few have been to say the least! 
   Most of the material will be kept intact. Some items will be sold on eBay as well as outright through this website and elsewhere to help in the costs involved. These items will be in all ranges of affordability. Check back soon for more information! We regret that we are unable to entertain specific questions or requests at this time, as we are in the midst of quite an undertaking! At this time, while we are restoring things to their proper order, we will periodically change the pictures shown here and add some information as time allows.

   See below for a slide-show of just a little of what lies in... The Marx Files.
One of the more fascinating parts of the Marx Files are the endless variety of blueprints, drawings, sketches and technical drawings. They offer a rare glimpse behind the scenes of your favorite toys. Here you can see many items in their early stages, and then progressive modifications, as well as the final products. All works of art, and a timeless testimony to the magic that was wrought by the wizards at Louis Marx & Company!