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Preserving Toy History.

News and Events

   October 2010: Our host has changed platforms which has prompted me to do something I've put off for a while; a complete site renovation!  Yes, fun, but not fun.  Lots of work... but hopefully it will turn out for the best, so stay tuned!
   October 15, 2010: Added the Ideal's Battle Action Content, a few pictures to the Action Figures page, a slide-show to the Toy Prototypes page, the content for the Technical/Design Drawings page.  Will use this page to experiment with a few things (perhaps a blog, guest book, etc.)
   October 16-17, 2010: Added additional pages/sections.  Added many photos to various sections.  Removed blog.  Added puzzle to Fun Stuff page.  Filled in text for Toy Production Dates page, Marx Files page.
   October 18-25, 2010: Updated various sections, added photos, added text and photos to Toy Guns section.  Added text/article to Toy Prototypes section along with many photos to the slide-show there.
   November 1-5, 2010: Added slideshow to front page, added various pictures.
   November 6-12, 2010: Added more pictures (MPC figures, Marx figures, etc.), added Marx Figure page, and more.
   November 15-December 7, 2010: Added some pictures, various content updates.
   Various Dates to March, 2011: Added misc. content, new pictures, etc.
   To December, 2012: Added misc. pictures, etc., added Marx Slot Car page.
   January 2013: Added Power Lords page/content, assorted pictures, etc.
   To March 2013: Added Toy Catalogs page/content, Ideal's Zeroid/Robo Force page/content, other adjustments and additions.  Added Coloring Books and Misc. page/content and revisions.
A special thanks to all of you for signing and/or viewing the guestbook!   -Mike