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Preserving Toy History.

David Winslow, Kenner Toys and Care Bears

   Toy designers are often under-appreciated, underpaid, and even worse... unknown.  They put their heart and soul into their creations and breathe life into something that means so much to so many, but sadly most remain nameless, and never get the credit they deserve.  But here we have a special treat for you!  A rare glimpse at some of the inside story of a classic toy line, from a classic company... and even better, it comes with the assistance of an original artist and designer... Mr. David Winslow.  We are proud to have some of his work in the ToyMemories archives.
   Working at Kenner Toys over a number of years, David was involved with a nice variety of quite memorable products; some of the projects he worked on included: the Six Million Dollar Man action figure line, SSP cars, Strawberry Shortcake, Star Wars, Super Powers, and more, as well as, of course, the Care Bears.  Thanks to David we can now get a little insight into that line (and hopefully others as well).
   Please have patience as this page is under construction, and I'll add what I can as I can... these are the stories that need telling.
Original Care Bears art by David Winslow
Original Care Bears art by David Winslow