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11.12.2010- MPC or Marx?  (or: unknowing or deceitful?)
   The first "rambling" here pertains to an ever-increasing occurance, primarily on eBay (though it also occurs elsewhere, but with seemingly less frequency).  Sellers who list MPC (or other plastic figures) on eBay either don't have any idea what they're selling, or they are purposefully being deceitful to get more views for their items, and hopefully more bids and money.  Sadly, the reality appears to be the latter.
   I've seen all kinds of sillyness related to this, people seeing the "MPC" marking on the bottom of some MPC figures and claiming they are "Marx Product Company" figures, some interesting folk who see 2 "dimples" on the bottom of plastic figures and claim they are Marx because of this (no, sorry... 2 small round indentions on the bottom of a figure base don't = Marx, in case you really didn't know.  These are just marks left from ejector pins when the figure is molded), and lots of plain old greedy "since they're plastic figures, they must be Marx"!
  If you don't know, don't assume, make something up, lie, or otherwise be deceitful, because it just isn't right!  Do a little research... be honest... trust me, most times if you have something good, people will bid.  And, more importantly, your improper "Marx" labeling can (and does) backfire.  It can get you a negative feedback comment from an unhappy defrauded buyer.  It can get your listing removed (and a warning on your record with eBay) if someone cares enough to report your listing.  And, since money seems to be the bottom line (well, greed actually in this case), remember- just because something is made by Marx does not mean it's worth lots of money!  Yes, much of the high-dollar playset and figure sales are for Marx items, but that's because those are rare and high demand items.  There are lots of low value Marx items out there as well... you actually could sabotage your auction if you have a rare item from another manufacturer, yet you label it "Marx" thinking that's where the money is... and the buyers looking for that other company's figures will never find your listing because they aren't looking for Marx!
   So, think about it... and be nice.  Honesty and ethics are vital for good business (and everything else), so do the right thing.  You may be pleasantly surprised.
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   Why does it sometimes seem like when you try and help someone out you end up feeling like you should have never tried in the first place?  And the more trouble you've gone through to do so equals that much more of a headache and unappreciative recipient?
   Anyway... my philosophy has always been always do what you feel is right and you will never have any regrets... some headaches, maybe (ha!) but no regrets...