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Preserving Toy History.

Louis Marx & Company (Marx Toys) Plastic Figures

Shown below are a variety of vintage original Marx plastic figures.  Information and many additional pictures to follow as I can dig more figures out, find time to take pictures, and figure out what format I'd like to use (I'm leaning towards individual figure pictures).
For now, just a little assortment of some nifty figures!
Marx Toys Universal Monsters 6" figures- the Mummy and the Wolfman
Marx Toys dollhouse playset figure samples
Marx Toys "Campus Cuties" figures
Marx Toys Linemen figures
Marx Toys "Warriors of the World" figure
Marx Toys mannequin figure from Sears Store playset
Marx Toys "Nude Beauty" figure
Marx Toys viking figures
Marx Toys astronaut
Marx Toys "DisneyKings" Snow White figure
Marx Toys "Famous Generals" figures
Marx Toys Maggie & Jiggs figures
Rare Marx Toys "Munchie Mellon" playset figure
Marx Toys Indian figure
Marx Toys "Warriors of the World" figure
Marx Toys "Bathing Beauties" figures 
Marx Toys "Warriors of the World" painted figure
Marx Toys Civil War figure 
Marx Toys "Famous Generals" figure and very hard to find smaller size General Eisenhower figure
Marx Toys native figure
Marx Toys political figures