is Preserving Toy History.
Preserving Toy History.
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   Starting with Louis Marx Toys' 12" action figure line, below are shown a small variety of behind the scenes materials, some never seen before... prototypes, original drawings, samples, etc.  Rare and unique items never intended to be seen by the public, they are now preserved in the ToyMemories and MarxFiles archives with many more of their kind.  Military, western, knights & vikings, secret agents... what more could a kid ask for? 
   On the left, here is the original hand-sculpted prototype for one of Marx Toys Daniel Boone action figure accessories, the haversack.  Sculpted of clay, it is still attached to a block of plastic that was used in the mold-making process.  On the right is the standard matching production piece.
   The original Marx Toys design drawing for Daniel Boone's bear trap (pencil on vellum).
   Original Marx design drawings for Daniel Boone's body (pencil on vellum).
   Original Louis Marx design drawings for some of Stony Smith's accessories (pencil on vellum).
   Here we have an original Marx Toys design drawing for Daniel Boone's coonskin hat (pencil on vellum).
   Test-shot of Marx's Daniel Boone accessories, still on the runner.
   Original Marx Toys factory photograph of a deluxe Stony Smith set (approx. 8" x 10").
   Original Marx design drawing of a Stony Smith rifle (pencil on vellum).
  The original hand-sculpted prototype for Stony Smith's beret by Marx Toys (clay).