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Preserving Toy History.

Marx Trains in the Marx Files™

   Shown below (see bottom of page), for now, is a sampling of some of the original factory Marx Train material in the MarxFiles archives.  This material is the largest intact collection of original Marx Train documents in existance, and covers all scales/types Marx Trains were produced in, electric and mechanical, as well as toy train material of all kinds.
   I'd spent thousands of hours working with my good friend Tasker Brush trying to put together the "end-all" Marx Train references, but with Tasker's untimely passing, I'm not sure of the future of the project.  This section is dedicated to Tasker Brush; a good friend, nice guy, and Marx Trains' best asset.  With his passing, we've lost some of the heart and soul of Marx.
Below is a picture I made shortly after Tasker passed away...  Not a day goes by that I don't expect to hear him call.
   I'd regularly send Tasker pictures of Marx Train design and technical drawings, documents, etc., and to make it easy on both of us, I'd made a special web page just for his access. This way he could check the same address periodically to see what was new waiting for him there.
   This was the special "title picture" for the page (see below):
Original vintage Louis Marx Trains concept drawing, 397 Steam Type Locomotive
Original vintage Louis Marx Trains pen and ink artwork, 3-rail electric track 
Original vintage Louis Marx Trains pen and ink artwork, Pennsylvania passenger car (unproduced?)
Original vintage Louis Marx Trains pen and ink artwork, Flood Light Tower